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“Learn-it-all” or “Know-it-all”?

I was reading this book by T Harv Eker; Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.
He mentioned that true rich folks constantly learn and grow while poor people think they already know.
So rich people are “learn-it-alls” while poor people are “know-it-alls”.

So being a know-it-all is a poverty-related trait. Wow!
Do you know anyone in your circle whose favourite expressions are “I
already know that, I don’t need to read books, you don’t have to tell
me what to do, I already know what to do and so on”?

If you do, you need to share this post with them, and while you are at
it, tell them you are doing it out of love….😂😂

Well, if they are going to be offended, don’t share it with them.
But then again, if they are your friends, and you can’t tell them hard
truths, then what are you guys really doing?

Well, that’s by the way.
Let me get back to my main gist.
On the other hand, if you can
clearly see “know-it -all” on your forehead in this “mirror” I am holding up to your face, you need to dump that poor mindset and adopt the rich mindset right now.

I leave you with this quote by Author and Philosopher Eric Hoffer.
“The learners (learn-it-alls) shall inherit the earth while the learned (know-it-alls) will be beautifully equipped to live in a world that no longer exists.”

Do you want to live in a world that no longer exists or you want to
inherit the earth?

The choice is yours.

Written by Osham Ndubisi.

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