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With the current COVID-19 pandemic, lock down is in effect in many States. No school, no gatherings or events to attend, no going to the office. Everyone has been forced to stay indoors.

So at a time like this, would you say you are enjoying your stay at home? Or do you feel ‘’stuck’’ with your spouse and kids? Are you all having fun, enjoying each other’s company, or you are all secretly waiting for the Corona Virus saga to end so each of you can quickly go your separate ways for some ‘’fresh air’’? What atmosphere pervades your home right now? Is it that of tension, strife, stress, or barely managing to get along with one another? Do you have within your four walls a space filled with love, joy, fun and collaboration?

This challenging period presents us with the perfect opportunity to awaken the feminine super-power in us. Knowing the power women wield in the home, Apostle Paul, through Titus enjoins the young wives in Crete to be keepers at home and to be kind, having a cheerful spirit and temper (Titus 2:5).

As wives and mothers, let’s bear in mind that keeping the home goes beyond cooking, cleaning, getting the laundry done, or even making financial contributions to the family’s purse. Keeping the home also entails maintaining a positively-charged atmosphere in the home. You can do this by:

  • Controlling your own emotions
  • Affirming your spouse and kids with your words and actions
  • Giving off good vibes and encouraging them to also generate positive energy in the home
  • Promoting bonding, team-spirit and love in the home
  • Praying and worshiping God together

When we deliberately take these action steps daily, our homes become safe havens, family times turn to fun times, and lasting, beautiful memories are made. Quarantine period begins to look not so gloomy, as even in confinement, we are still surrounded by life-giving community. So, let’s get to work ladies; we’ve been graced with all we need to recreate heaven in our homes. We can do this!!

Written by Theodora

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