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Love YOU more!!!

We are in the knowledge economy and people all over the world are bombarded with information about hacks on wealth creation, self-development, growth in careers, parenting, building healthy love relationships, social innovation and nation building. We are literally going through what is called Knowledge Constipation because everyone out there seems to be teaching one thing or the other. 

Consuming information that does not create the needed change because this takes time and focus on the root work for the fruits to appear over a period through persistent effort on that goal. The point I seek to highlight here is, many more of this will happen because the decade heralds a new breed of thought leaders. 

I choose to zone in a little bit more on some critical areas. Why do you do the things you do? For instance, I love to seek wisdom, so I am aware and more informed. For others, it could be Curiosity, Passion, ‘A burning Desire’ or ‘A Pressing Need’ which acts as a stop-gap for your next level of growth. 

Wherever you find yourself, I would like you to flip the coin, so we analyze this from a different perspective. 

Do you love “you” enough to zone in on what you really need for your transformation, so you stay there? Where do you get answers to deep seated questions that birth the solutions to your specific growth and to cause the exponential results you seek? Love you enough to be around people and spaces that energize you and fuel your fire to win!!

Your wealthy place and answers are found in your creator and the hearts of men whom God has placed in strategic positions to propel you to your destiny. It’s on you to find them and stay there. Perhaps it’s time to study YOU enough to know how you operate so you can, like the tiny rudder that stirs a massive ship and causes its direction to change, drive your path to mastery. 

You must put in the work to birth the genius called ………………………. (insert your name) and that entails loving yourself enough to prioritize YOU. 

You cannot love, or desire others more than you desire you and that is at the core of who you should be. You cannot demand others to give you the kind of regard and respect you have not given yourself. 

A vessel that is whole has more to give and that is at the heart of everything that you do, say to others and yourself,  your mental conversations, your relationships, the people speaking into your life, your love for God and service to humanity. 

The greatest gift you can give yourself first is to have a strong sense of identity because the world does not know better and so they will not do better or rather, they will relate with you based on what and how they know best. You ought to teach them. 

It’s got to be your brand style, so it speaks volumes even when you are not speaking. YOU FIRST!!!! LOVE YOU MORE and the world will see your light shine through from inside out. Until next time, Be Phenomenal!!

Written by Eshastake.


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