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Mind Power

Hi, my name is Debola Deji Kurunmi, founder IMMERSE Inner Circle and the host of the Acceleration Intensive, which is a two week breakthrough online coaching program for you amazing women who are seeking to transition from good to great literally and to move from Ideas to I did it. If you’re in a zone in your life where you have already set very clear goals and you’ve started to accomplish them at a certain level, but you are now saying, “I have been here for a while and I need to press on to what is next in my life”, then this Acceleration Intensive is definitely for you. If you’re also in a place in your life where you’re looking for a clearly articulated execution roadmap that helps you move forward with your big dreams and places you in a forward motion in the direction of your Next Big Thing, then the Acceleration Intensive is also going to be useful.

If you’re also desiring to be virtually mentored by young women like yourself, extraordinary young women who are going on their journey and producing great results into success and significance, then you will find the Intensive so relevant. Acceleration Intensive is about the 20th course, either freshly launched or re-run in the Immerse Coaching Company. We’ve been around since 2014 and if this is the first time that you are running any course with us, I’m so excited to welcome you and to sort of just give you a big warm shout out for joining us in the stretch street. The women who are in the Immerse inner circle have ditched the comfort zone and are on this exciting journey into the best of their lives. So I welcome you to extraordinary. I welcome you to growth. I welcome you to maturity and I welcome you to the accomplishment of your purposeful pursuit.

Today I will open up the Acceleration Intensive, which will run for two weeks, and then you will get a chance to become a member of the close knit family at the IMMERSE Inner Circle. But I will be opening up this first module in the Acceleration Intensive called Mind power. Today, I will be sharing with you seven mental limitations that often hold visionary women back in their lives. And I will be showing you how to navigate out of these ways of thinking so that you can use your mind as an asset to accomplish your greatest dreams. Your mind is your office, your mind is the platform and the production center of your life basically. And if you learn how to make your mind truly your functional asset and to produce results right out of the center of your mental creativity and intellectual prowess. So if you overcome this mental limitations and you know how to harness your mind as a true resource and an asset in your life, you are not just going to be on your way to success and significance, but you’d be on your way to tremendous impact and influence where your work, your products, your services, and the different flows out of your life also start to radically revolutionize communities and the people that come in touch with you.

And isn’t that what real life is all about? Not just doing something that impacts us and changes the game in terms of our finances or careers or businesses or our relationships, but also changes the game for those who know us and the communities that we live in, and that is our goal, that women who are a part of Acceleration Intensive and who become a member of the IMMERSE Inner Circle family go onto become transformational women impacting on the African continent and changing the face of the globe with their good work. So today I welcome you specially to Mind power, which is the first module in the Intensive. And like I said to you, I will show you seven mental limitations that hold visionary women back from expressing their best selves and pressing into their biggest opportunities or taking the leap into what is next in their lives.

Before we go into looking at the seven mental limitations today, and I will show you how to navigate out of each of them, if you make a practice of some of the things I will share with you, you are going to be thanking me for a really long time. But before we go right into the seven mental models, the first thing I want to challenge you about is to have a real visionary expectation about what you want out of the Intensive. People sign up for courses every time and when it is free, you, of course, can imagine that so many people would be on board. Today, you’re listening alongside thousands other women who have signed up for this program and who are currently pouring themselves into the culture of learning so that they can get the wisdom that they require to leapfrog out of where they are into what is next in their lives. But I want to challenge you to be part of those who are going to make the most out of this extraordinary experience two weeks with us in the IMMERSE Inner Circle.

I want you to write down this very moment on a journal that I hope you will dedicate for Acceleration Intensive fully. In that journal, I want you to write down where you currently are. If you were just to write a sentence of where you think your life is today, put that down right now. If you were meant to describe your life in a broad sense of where you believe you are, and I want you to make the decision about what your parameters will be, whether you want to talk about how successful you feel or otherwise, whether you want to talk about the mistakes you’ve stopped making, whether you want to talk about how much peace you’ve experienced this year, whether you want to talk about how fearless you’ve become and how you’ve gone after your goals with brutality, whatever it is for you.

I want you to just write in a broad sentence where you are in your life right now. Okay, good. Now I want you to write one big change that you believe if you made or if it happened in your life will significantly shift your results and your outcomes going forward. Okay? One big thing you want to see changed. Some people can say, I want to see a change in the way I think I want to know where the opportunities are. I want to take quicker actions with my goals. I want to change my community and getting into new defining relationships. I want to be more bullish with my goals. I want to stop being afraid of um, you know, the things that I was afraid of in my past. I want to forgive myself and heal from regret. I want to make more money or I want to know how to grow my money exponentially.

It can be anything. Some can say I want to grow a better relationship with God and I want to deepen my spirituality. Whatever it is that you have written down, you are now good to go. So you’re going to ask yourself or you’re going to say to yourself, this is a big goal in my mind and I am going to go through all the seven modules in acceleration intensive looking for my answers. Fantastic. Now that you have done this, I believe that you are ready to drink from the streams of wisdom that will come out from the seven women that are going to be sharing with us in the Acceleration Intensive, including myself. So now let me show you seven mental limitations. These are models in the mind that come based on how we have been conditioned or socialized based on your past experiences, who you’ve known, what you’ve heard them say, how you behaved in the past, where you’ve watched what has been modeled to you by your parents or your mentors.

And these sort of things have shaped how you see the world, how you interpret things, how you perceive life, and how you view yourself. And they sit deeply like an operating system underneath, always powering your decisions, your actions, your relationships, your cognition, your emotions, and who we want to look at them right now and begin to shred them into pieces. And from this moment you may find three or two or one or seven. You will just find some of these mental models holding you back. And as we shine the light on them, I believe it’s going to help you to make better decisions. And now you can get on this, uh, definite journey of saying, that’s not going to be me anymore. I am ready for more and I’m going to make the journey from this limitation to a place of success. So let’s start with the first mental limitation.

Let’s talk about the not good enough feeling. Now I know that you know this so much and it’s a fantastic place to begin. I have actively coached a good amount of women since 2014, and I find this mental limitation to be one of the greatest crisis that women often face. You know that you are called. You know, there’s something you have to give the world. You know, you’re talented. You believe in the value you can deliver. Your product is exceptional. Your, uh, experience with your career and the journey that you’ve taken has prepared you for where you are today. But there’s this nagging feeling, nagging thought, nagging question, nagging voice right at the back of your mind always making you feel like you’re not good enough. You’re not smart enough, you’re not beautiful enough, you don’t deserve good enough and it’s just a lie.

Now, one of the ways that you start to deal with this feeling and this emotion and this mental model of just feeling that you don’t measure up is to start by asking, “Who told me this? Now, this could be what your mom said a lot to you. It could be what your dad said a lot to you. It could be the comparison with the brightest kid in class coming from your teacher. It could be this series of breakups that you had and the heart aches that you experienced that started to make you feel rejected, but you have to trace it to the center and the root and start to say to yourself, “What things have happened in my life that has sold me this lie?” Let me tell you what, every single person carries value and the value that you carry is linked to the purpose you are here to serve.

And what that means is that the degree to which you serve your purpose and you begin to go in the direction of what you were born to do, the more you would be able to share your value with the world, the more you would find fulfillment in sharing your value with the world. And the more people will reach out to you saying thank you for being who you are and serving the world with your value. What this means is even though everyone carries the latent value that is expressed and promoted by purposeful action and a life dedicated to making a difference. it means that if you are not on a definite journey to purpose, you are not going to express your full value, what you can offer the world, how you can change the world, how you can be a blessing, how you can elevate the quality of life for others.

So as long as you are not actively in the direction of purpose, your opportunities to demonstrate, and to release value and be rewarded with value will be low. And this might further promote the feeling that I’m useless and worthless. But that’s not true. You have value, you have a purpose to serve. Everyone came with something beautiful and the way you know that what I’m saying is the truth is just to remember the kindest compliment you’ve ever been given or the things that you do with ease that others praise you about. And they’re like, how do you get to do this so easily? When I speak or I write or I teach at a meeting, people just go, wow, like why are you so good? But there’s so many other things that I cannot do and when I see other people doing it, I go like, Whoa, wow, see how good you are at this. Do you understand this?

So the not good enough feeling will continue to decrease, the moment you start to release your value as you walk in purpose, the more you discover what you are here to do. And I’m excited to announce to you that in the Inner Circle we have materials and video courses that really help you in unveiling your purpose and set you on a catalytic path to fulfilling that purpose and making a difference and doing something Epic with your life. And that’s one big reason why you have to sign up and join the Inner Circle when we finally open for this quarter. So that’s the first mental limitation that visionary women made or have in their lives. I want to encourage you not to just be all for the gram and all pretty and you know, looking good on the outside or refusing to confront this limiting belief and this mental limitation that steals from your mind power you need your mind at its sharpest and its strongest and its finest to produce your best, most Epic work for the world.

Okay, so take out this feeling and this thinking and this mental limitation that constantly makes you feel like you don’t measure up. Let me tell you other big reasons why people often feel like they not good enough. They watch a video like this one and they may look at me and say, DDK seems to have it altogether. But I don’t have it altogether. I drove about half an hour worrying about fuel that was going out and I’ll say to my media person, Victor, our fuel is going out and we need to make this detour. We both didn’t have cash and we had to pull N1000 together to just buy the fuel that would get us here. So I’m right here now before the camera, looking like I have it altogether, but I don’t necessarily do. What that shows to you is that everyone has realities in their lives, people are as human as human can be.

And because I get this opportunity to coach and counsel a lot, I see behind all the big paparazzi that people have around their lives. They’re human, they have their fears. But those who succeed are those who wake up in the morning and they say, not today, not today. I’m not going to let anything hold me back, those who choose their emotions and choose their responses and they go out and they take their goals by the jugular to achieve what they really want to achieve and I want that woman to be you.

Now let’s go onto the second mental limitation that often holds visionary women back from moving in the direction of your dreams. And this is one of the ways people actually step into small lives because they’re just so afraid. Let’s talk about the fear of failure. So the fear of failure continues to be one of the monsters that holds women back from really going all the way with their dreams. Let me tell you what. The moment you were handed a dream, the moment you were handed an idea that keeps you awake late at night and wakes you up early in the morning, that burns in your heart, that thing that you don’t see anything else. Everywhere you go, that’s what you see. It’s because you were given that dream as a gift. The way you handle that dream is your gift back to God and back to the world. You are given that gift because you had the resources sitting on your inside to accomplish it. Now, the fear of failure is this weird small mindedness that says, what if I put money in this thing and everything fails? What if I quit my job and I commit to this big idea bubbling in my mind and it doesn’t work out? What if the industry’s already too saturated and nobody has any space for a new comer? What if I try and people don’t accept me? You know?

Those are the kinds of thoughts that come to visionary women on their journey to opening up new possibilities in their lives. They say, what if I launched this technology and it crashes? What if I start this app and nobody buys into it? What if I’m, I’m stopped at the gates? What if the regulations of my industry is asking for an amount of money that I will not be able to pay? What if I get pregnant after I take this new job and I’m not able to give my best to it? What if I commit to grow in this business and I get an investor to come on board and you know, I just can’t do it. What if? What if I fail? But this is what I often say to women. What if you don’t fail, what if you succeed? What if you become an industry leader? What if you become a great example, not just to your children, but your children’s children, of a woman who came with a brutal force of creativity and innovation and transformed an entire sector? What if you step into millions of dollars? What if you become a voice for the continent? What if because you came, many others choose to also rise and begin to solve critical social problems, you know, in their communities.

So as you say, what if on one side, you can say what if on the other side. The fear of failure is just a nagging problematic lie that might never come to pass? The fear of failure creates a worry about a scenario that might never play out. The fear of failure is the choice to use dark lens to view the pictures of the future. All you have to do is take that lens away, and I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, but I’m saying it’s possible because I’ve had fears.

Let me tell you what. From 2014 to 2018, I ran Immerse Coaching Company as an email based coaching program that delivered courses via emails and from 2014 to 2018 we had reached almost maybe 5,000 women. We were doing really well, but I started to say if I was going to reach a million women, 2 million women, 5 million women, I can’t continue to run email based courses. And that’s how we came into the point of saying we needed to step into a membership platform that allowed millions of women access all our materials on this user friendly platform where they could see their eBooks and you know, have a community to connect and interact and what their video courses and all of that. And I put in so much money, it meant a lot to me at the start of the year, to building the technology. And I had this fears about if I, if I put in this amount of money and it didn’t work out, and as we went along, things started to change, there were iterations.

So my developers will come back and say, hey, we need to buy this cyber security, um, uh, software and it costs this amount of money. We would get hacked. We were hacked twice, you know, and there’ll be these terrifying messages that will come from China saying, Hey, I have all your codes and all your passwords and I would face these fears of, I can’t even back down now. I’ve gone so far into this, but is it gonna work? And then there was also the fear of would it be accepted? Would anyone even think there was enough value in what I was doing to commit themselves to it? But every time I was confronted by the fear of failure. I also would ask myself, Debola, what would you look like if this succeeds? And I would allow my mind to dream about the tremendous impact that we could create if we did not allow the fear of failure to stop us.

And that was how I kept going on and on, and on, till we birthed this breakthrough platform that has now started to house hundreds of women who have joined the Inner Circle accessing coaching on the go. So what am I saying to you? The fear of failure comes to all of us, but for some it becomes a crippling energy that does not allow them to move. For others, it becomes a propelling force that makes them move forward into what is next in their lives. Now, so two ways that I work it. The first is when I’m confronted by the fear of failure. I say to myself, what if it succeeds? The second way I manage the fear of failure is I ask myself, am I the first woman to dare something extraordinary? No. So I just binge on extraordinary women, which is what I decided to do for you with the Acceleration Intensive, making sure that it wasn’t just all talk, talk, modules, workbooks, videos, assignments.

I wanted you to interact with the back end stories and the back end grinds of young women like us who are stepping into global partnerships and big opportunities and who are scaling their businesses into other markets and other countries. And that’s what the Acceleration Intensive is about. So the next time you face a crippling fear of failure, ask yourself what if it succeeds and begin to write down? Don’t just ask yourself, write down what it will mean if success happened and revel in that joy till it begins to push you to go forward for what is next. Let’s say you have failed before. Don’t let that be the reason that you fail again. If you failed before simply say to yourself, I’ve learned. Failure offers you an opportunity to learn, failure gives you an opportunity to become a master. Now, there are some things that I say in my coaching sessions and I know they will produce results immediately and I am particularly excellent at coaching women into execution. I am better with a woman who already knows what she wants to do.

Then I lead her on a game plan to actually get anything done. So because I’m a doer myself and I am, I’m a master of rapid execution. I know the things that I have failed in and it helps me when I am mentoring and counseling and coaching because I know that this way would give you short cuts and this way will learn in your journey. So you are of more value to the world when you have failed before. I need to say that again so you can write it down. You are of more value to the world when you have failed before. So stop being afraid of failure. If you stumble and fall, you are going to the land where the loopholes are and you’re going to be able to do better way better, um, with the next thing that you set your heart to do.

Now, number three, let us go into another mental limitation that we don’t talk a lot about, but holds visionary women back so much. Strong women will understand and connect very deeply to this particular mental limitation that I’m about to talk about. It is the fear of success. You heard me, it’s the fear of success. It’s the case of if I am all that, if I go all out, if I’m exceptional, if I’m ambitious, won’t I be seen as too exceptional, too ambitious, won’t I be considered too much, won’t my strong be considered wrong. I have faced it so much in my life that I connect with you and I get you. Visionary women who catch big dreams, not just for themselves or their families or their communities, but for the continent of Africa or the world, who see how what they have can literally radicalize an entire generation as they begin to run in the direction of their vision and in the direction of their goals, and as they begin to build an idea to innovate and create as they go on that journey, they’re going to meet people, sometimes even mentors and industry leaders who would say, your own is too much, who would say, it’s not possible. Who would say it’s not time or who would say you’re just a woman or who would say, well, you will lose your marriage oo, or if you focus too much on this part of your life, you’re going to lose your marriage. Who would say, well, it’s a great idea, but no one has done it before, and those who went before you have failed.

So you begin to be afraid of success because you wonder if if you went all out with your vision and your goals, you will still be able to keep your marriage. You wonder if you went all out with the ministry that God has given to you, you’re not going to seem rebellious to the establishment and the current fathers and mothers of faith. You wonder if, if you show all of your strengths in the workplace, people are not going to say your own is too much and you’re just trying to get a promotion and this is how women begin to shrink.

Now, let me stay here a bit because this is my personal capsule. The way that I have become who I have become and the way I am becoming who I am becoming is that every single day I take the neck of this monster and I sprain it so badly till I see all the muscles wrecking out and blood and water splashing out. Then I take that broken neck and I put it under my feet and I say to myself. Today, I’m going to show my best self to the world, I am going to show up with my finest strength with my greatest creativity, with my highest spirituality, and I’m not going to let anyone dull my sparkle. I’m not going to play small because someone thinks my own is too much. I’m going to be my finest self. I’m going to shine my brightest light and when I have truths, I’m going to share it with the world.

That’s why anywhere that I go, it’s very tough for me to be hidden in a corner. Even when I’m trying to hide, what is bubbling on my inside will come up and this is a word. This is how I literally challenged myself out of small mindedness. I’ve stepped into big opportunities that rewarded me with a lot of money. Genuinely, for real. I stepped into platforms that opened me up to speaking before massive audiences and even having strategy conversations with industry leaders in banks, in oil and gas firms, in IT conglomerates just because I refused to play small, just because I refuse to allow anyone dull my shine, just because I stopped worrying that if I was too popular and my name was more known than my husband’s name, would I lose my marriage without making him insecure? I stopped worrying about that.

And the truth is the moment you commit to shining your best light to the world, those who were meant to stand with you will stand with you. Does that mean you now act unruly and disrespectful and you don’t understand order and you do not know when to be quiet. That’s not what I’m saying. But I’m saying the fear of success is actually a mental limitation. Now, let me give you this powerful always winning action plan to heal yourself every time you’re falling under the temptation of the fear of success. Girl, this is what I have to say to you. If you are afraid of success, would you rather be a failure? If you’re afraid of abundance, of being a millionaire in dollars, if you’re afraid of building a multibillion naira, you know, um, conglomerate of business venture on the continent of Africa, would you rather be a pauper? So think about what failure and poverty would mean in your life.

Think about what being small and being limited and being unable to express your dreams and go all the way with your vision in life. Think about what it will mean for you and your children. Do you want to tell stories when you’re older of things you could have done but never did? Do you want to share excuses with your children and children’s children about how you carry this big dreams for many years, but didn’t do anything about it? Do you want to stand before your creator at the end of your life and have Him shaking His head saying, why did you underperform? Why were you underutilized? Why were you so small? Do you want to go over the streets of a part of Lagos or Abuja or Port Harcourt or on the streets of London or New York and see someone expressing the exact same blueprint that God give you first.

Don’t you know that happens? It happens a lot. You see people even today on social media doing what you saw first, running with an idea that came to you first. Well, because you kept saying, I don’t have the education, I don’t have the money. I’m not as smart. What will people say, won’t they say my own is too much? You didn’t do it. Now, some women are multi gifted, multi influential, multi-talented, multi anointed, multi blessed. They have the capacity to juggle many, they have the capacity to release many to the world. Can I speak specially to multi influential women for a moment? Don’t let anyone say to you that you have to be known for one thing. It’s just a hole, it’s just a lie. It’s just the limiting thing, that principle, I don’t know where it came out from, but it’s not for everyone.

If you have four things that have been put on your inside that you must flow out to the world with. I have the strategy. I run a ministry called Deborah Initiative for Women. I run a nondenominational outreach for people seeking God’s revival called the Firebrand Movement. I run a consulting business for international and local social entrepreneurs called Ideation Hub Africa. I run an execution and personal transformation coaching company called Immerse Coaching Company I’m a wife, a mother to three children. I pastor a church in Lekki and I have different kinds of demands of being a daughter to my parents and my husband’s parents and a sibling to those who love me as well as a private mentor and counselor to a number of protégées who look up to me. These different expressions in my life are reaching different kinds of audiences and they are serving unique purposes.

These are things that the Lord has put in my spirit to be a blessing to the world. So far, I have written 15 books and I have so many more that are going to be released. I have people who look at me and almost sometimes derogatorily really indirectly sort of make you feel like your own is too much. Go chill out. But I know what has been given and I know how I have been blessed giving my gifts to the world. Now when people even say, why would you hold Acceleration Intensive for free? I just smile because I can’t even, I can’t fully open my mouth. If I start to talk. I can’t fully open my mouth and talk about how I have been rewarded. There has been a day in my life where people, two people sent me almost 4 million naira in one day. How much am I going to be paid?

Now I’m not saying that I don’t charge for some of my services, but I know when I should give what I should give for free to those who can’t even reward me because I am an employee of the kingdom now. So it’s that balance that no one can show you except you’re walking closely with the Lord and He’s leading you and you have a personal strategy for your life. So your way out of the fear of success is to say, would I rather be a failure? Would I rather be a pauper? Would I rather be a voice that was never heard? Would I rather be a person who was never known for the good work that I could do? Would I rather be a person who didn’t transform my community the way that I could? That’s your way out. Wake up every morning and deal with that limitation in your mind that makes you think that I won’t be accepted. I won’t even have a husband to marry me if I become successful. Well, if a person can’t come to you because you became successful, they were never meant to come to you because you would have gotten successful any way. Do you see?

And women who kept shrinking and shrinking and then got married and wanted to blossom because they married men at the level of their shrunk state, as they started with enlarge and to blossom, the men started to rebel and to resist them, saying, someone is changing you this is not who you’ve always been. What is all this big, big things you want to do now because they, they married at a shrunk state. So if you’re single, you are even blessed. Don’t shrink rise. Don’t shrink shine.

Okay, so let’s go onto the fourth mental limitation that takes away from your mind power and your ability to leverage your mind as an asset on your journey to visionary pursuits and doing what you were born to do going after your goals, riding on the journey to overcoming you know, the huddles and pressing into new levels of success. Whether you’re running a business or you’re even just thinking about marriage and motherhood and you know, your life, your spirituality, the things that count to you. Let’s talk about what I’ve called the Wing It mindset. Now there are women who do know what they want to do, what they’ve been called to do, what is on their heart to accomplish, the business they want to grow, they want to scale, what is next in terms of their career path and whatever it is on your heart as you listen to me in the Acceleration Intensive and you’re saying I’m here so that I can move this thing from good to great. You’re certain of what it is. Yeah. And that is great. You’ve done some good work with it in the past and that is great.

You are ready to go exponential with your ideas and that is great. But my question is, is there a strategy? Is there a definite game plan? Is there a blueprint? Is there a master plan? Is there a roadmap? Is it clear? Is it vivid? Is it documented? Can it be followed through? And will it assure you of getting the results you’re looking for. Now, one of the things that I often say about my coaching strategy is I don’t necessarily hold your hand and say, I don’t spoon feed those who work with me. Um, but what I offer you is a template, um, the kinds of resources that you need to clear out the baggage and the cloud, the limitations in your life so that you can see road clearly and go for what you want to go for. And the reason I do that is because what I have found as a major limitation in the minds of many women is this lack of organization and structure and strategy, the kind that men often pursue. Maybe because by nature they have more logic and less emotions.

And it doesn’t mean they don’t also have emotions and women may have more emotions and logic and it is because of your opportunity as a Nurturer where you can raise children both spiritually and biologically. So yes, you’re a nurturer and you have a lot more emotions, but you still need a lot of logic. I almost want to scream this on a rooftop. If you’re running a business. Business is business. Business requires numbers. Business requires systems. Business requires strategy. Now can I even bring it home? The most successful visionaries also know that you have to replicate that kind of structure, system, strategy even with the home front. If you’re raising children and you have caregivers and domestic staff, you must carry on that same model that you use to grow your business and to succeed in your organization even within the format of a home so that you know their effectiveness can keep you effective as you pursue your vision.

So the reason you, you have a lot chaos and confusion and you know unestimated successes, untracked goals and unanalyzed decisions in your life is because you’re not working with a lot of strategy. You know what you want to do. You’ve done it for quite a while, but you don’t have a definite strategy. It’s called the Wing It mindset. Let’s just go. We trust God. We just hope it works somehow, somehow. It doesn’t get you far. So as you stay through with us at Acceleration Intensive, you’re going to pick some strategies. You’re going to pick some very definite tips that you can use. And when we’re done with the Intensive, we’re going to give you a roadmap template that can sort of help you plug in and if you want to get on a private execution mapping with me, we’re happy to talk about that. But you definitely need a lot of strategy, structure, a lot of carefully thought out planning in your life, in your business, in your marriage, in your relationships, in goal setting, and that is what gets you from good to great. That’s what differentiates you.

I know people who run businesses or who offer services to SMEs and I see a lot of mediocrity in it. I see what people put out on social media. I see how people write their reports. I see how people create business plans. I see how people create financial models. I see how people deliver HR services or accounting services and you see a lot mediocrity. You see that this person really knows their own onions, but the presentation is weak because they didn’t apply themselves. That’s the word. The way out of the Wing It mindset is application, deliberate application of self, a commitment to excellence. So every time a big idea is popping in your mind write it down and then choose to devote thinking time to your ideas. Do you have any day in the week, any hour of those dedicated days where you sit down quietly with your journal and you begin to ask the right questions? And of course if you’re not reading the right books, you’re not even going to know how to ask the right questions. If you’re not interacting with the right materials you are not going to know how to ask the right questions.

At the Inner Circle, we have hundreds of books across different categories and I’m still going to excitedly take you on a tour of the Inner Circle. If you know that the last quarter of this year into 2020 is going to be Epic for you, you definitely should dive on board. You need to make those kinds of investments into how you’re working your mind so that it can deliver more results for you. I make a lot of investment in learning, in paying for coaching, in reaching out to my mentors, in buying online courses, in taking certifications. I’m going on for a doctorate in public policy and it’s all because I believe that I must be sharpened and equipped for my assignment to the continent of Africa. Okay, so get out of the Wing It mindset. This is what keeps people small.

When I see a person who’s just winging it without a definite strategy, without any roadmap that you have carefully thought out and sometimes you can’t do it on your own, but you can get help. So even if it means paying a consultant then do that, but ensure that you are getting a very strategic direction and game plan as far as your ideas and your business, your goals and what you want to achieve are concerned. Don’t just wing it, don’t just be emotional. Don’t just be average. Go the whole length you know, and get extra ordinary with your big ideas. I wish you success with doing that.

To be continued…

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