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Negative Mindsets Holding You Back

The mind is the control centre of our thoughts and it reflects in the way we
respond to our external environment, as well as our day to day
activities. The mind is made up of conscious and subconscious thoughts
and many times, our reactions are controlled by subconscious thoughts.
Mindsets are powerful and can either make or mar us. Although this is a
very difficult phenomenon for people to change because of how powerful
the subconscious mind can be, it is possible to change specific mindsets
which keep us grounded and have the power to prevent us from achieving
our ultimate goal.
Three negative mindsets we can make efforts to change are;

  1. Scarcity mindset – The scarcity mindset is the belief that there isn’t
    enough resource to go round therefore, we struggle with others to
    get a piece of the pie. This mindset is very counterproductive
    because instead of exploring other opportunities and untapped
    resources, we remain focused on what we know and this stops us
    from exploring our creativity.
    Scarcity mindset is usually developed from a young age, most likely
    as a result of background but like every other habit, we can change
    this mindset. Broaden your mindset and adopt the abundance
    mentality in order to reduce or negate the scarcity mindset holding
    you back.
  2. Fixed mindset – The fixed mindset is a very limiting state of the mind
    which sells the belief to us that it is impossible to change. The static
    state of mind or our belief system holds us back and discourages us
    from exploring new ventures. This mindset is very counterproductive
    and it is caused by fear and self-doubt.
    When we are programmed to think that we are not good enough or
    qualified for new experiences, we tend to remain fixed in our ways
    and accept the lie that we can’t do much to change our current
    situation. The growth mindset totally negates this belief. As
    popularized by Carol Dweck, we are capable of learning new things
    and can attain new levels of growth.
    Adopt the growth mindset and don’t be crippled by fear. Explore new
    opportunities and open up yourself to new knowledge in order to
    break the chain of limiting thoughts holding you back.
  3. Limitation mindset – Limitation mindset is the state of mind or
    thought that holds us in a certain place or a position. This mindset
    sells the belief to us that we cannot get better than we currently are.
    The limitation mindset drives other negative mindsets because it
    sells the lie that we can’t make progress or go further than our
    current status.
    Holding a limitation mindset also hinders us from seeing beyond our
    current position to the possibilities and opportunities that abound
    at the other side of doubt. This mindset can be countered by
    changing our belief system. We must be willing to exchange our
    negative beliefs for more positive ones and open ourselves up to
    teachings that inspire and challenge us to reach for more. written by Temitayo Abiri

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