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Not consumed!

According to Lamentations 3: 22, it is by the mercy of God that we are not consumed. But wait, what exactly are the things Mercy prevents from consuming us.

I am thinking it includes but not limited to:

Our mistakes

Our unbelief

Our ignorance 

Our impatience

Our carelessness

Our overconfidence

Our sneering/disdain

All the possibilities that our sinful nature can project to contend with His righteousness and the nature of God in us. The singular, never ending, always new every morning, available, dependable Kingdom resource a.k.a. The MERCY of God. It never fails, never will fail. His Mercy reveals, resolves, restores and repositions us to begin again, move on with hope and faith. God lovingly shows us MERCY.

Mercy gives to us what we do not deserve, that which we can never work for nor attain on our own effort. So then God’s gift is not a question of human will and human effort but of God’s Mercy (Romans 9:16). It is not dependent on your willingness or strenuous exertion but on God having mercy on you. 

Today, I want you to examine how you show MERCY with everyone within your reach and influence. To the merciful; God shows Himself merciful (Psalm 18: 25). 

Do you walk in the mercy you have received? How do you walk in the mercy of God towards yourself, your friend that hurt you, the neighbour who slandered you, the colleague who took glory for your project, the acquaintance that traded with your resources without your consent?

In practical terms, how do you manifest God’s mercy towards others? I am hoping this short note will have all of us reflect on our mercy walk. See you in the comment section.

Written by Radiante.

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