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Our Lovely Lawyer

Hello everyone! This week we have interviewed a beautiful woman who is in love with the arts. She is a lawyer, an academic researcher and a student. She is also an entrepreneur who has one of the most impressive completion rates in the Inner Circle. in this interview, she tells us about herself and how she has completed multiple courses in a short while. Enjoy!

IMMERSE: What is your name? 

FAVOUR: Favour Ilori

IMMERSE: What state or country do you currently reside?

FAVOUR: United Kingdom

IMMERSE: What is your Date of Birth? And Why do you think your birth month is special?

FAVOUR: 24th September 1998/ My birth month is special because it is the beginning of new seasons in terms of the ember months. Which signifies a reflective new chapter to re-modify goals and mindsets. It’s also a month of harvest as several fruits come out in the month of September and gives a varietal flavour to the month!!

IMMERSE: What do you do for a living?

FAVOUR: Academic Researcher and Student

IMMERSE: What is your side business? Kindly include details like website address, Social media handles, contact numbers, etc.

FAVOUR: A skincare line that is branded as Fatoil Organics Skincare (Instagram: fatoilorganiclifestyle)

IMMERSE: What projects are you currently working on? Projects you’d like the Inner Circle Community to know about? E.g A book you are about to launch, a business, and so on.

FAVOUR: Currently working on my research thesis and working on a book.

IMMERSE: What Coaching Squad are you in?


IMMERSE: What’s your favourite Inner Circle Course? Why?

FAVOUR: My favourite course bundles were the ones in Conferences as well as the power of a compelling vision. This is because of the fact that they dwelt on the process of birthing a new you and the pain that comes with it, yet having a midwife like DDK helps in guarding one’s thoughts and life. Beyond the overwhelm helps you in balancing schedules and prioritising your values. Also the managing and multiplying wealth. This conference module was a whole bundle in itself and do not get me started on the Do good moments of unbundling 2020 course as well but I will stop here for now.

IMMERSE: What was the motivation behind your impressive completion rate? How were you able to complete multiple courses in such a short time? 

FAVOUR: I have a high concentration span length so I play it to my strength. So I tell myself Friday night is for immerse circle courses and get to relax for half a day the next day. Also, after each course I start to apply myself to what has been learnt so much that I start to want more resources to keep fulfilling more productivity!! It’s like my inspiration well and as a writer, you never devalue or forget to prioritise your inspiration well because that’s indeed your wisdom wand gateway for more inspired realms of God.

IMMERSE: What are your expectations as an Inner circle Member?

FAVOUR: To keep evolving, to also give back by helping other young individuals upgrade their mindsets and be better.

IMMERSE: Let us know fun, interesting facts about you?

FAVOUR: I studied and am still studying law but love the arts. I also acted in a Christian youth movie last year titled SelfLed in Nigeria.

Amazing! So, there you have it! our interview with the Fabulous Favour. We hope to see you next week for another episode of EPIC woman. Have a lovely weekend!

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