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Q & A With Antoinette

Just so you know, we have Antoinette Chris-Oguta in the house today. Member with the highest learning rate for the 4th cycle, IMMERSE Inner Circle.

Make welcome!

1. Welcome Antoinette. It is so good to have you on board today. Can we meet you?

Hello IMMERSE Team, It is an absolute pleasure to be here and I thank you for having me. 

My name is Antoinette Chris-Oguta – daughter of the Most High, creative entrepreneur, wife to my amazing soulmate and mother to two nations. As an avid researcher, I love to spend most of my leisure time reading – articles, books, newsletters, you name it. I’m perpetually on a quest for more knowledge. I also love to cook and bake.

2. Kindly share with us what you currently do.

Professionally, I am a Management Consultant. 

I am also a serial entrepreneur with my latest endeavour,, @emikeluxury, a Canadian eco-luxury wellness brand with a focus on high-performing self-care essentials that are natural, ethical, non-toxic and sustainable. I’m in the final stages of launching. 

3. You emerged as the top flyer member with the highest learning rate last cycle. What was the drive behind this, and how were you able to achieve the feat?

I was at a point in my life where I was hungry for more and I was desperate for a mind shift. I set aside chunks of time every day to take the courses.

4. As a new mom who just recently gave birth, how were you able to manage your time? What activities did you commit to, to get your highest completion rate results?

I actually have 2 kids – my son is 2 years old and my daughter is 4 months old.

For the whole duration of the last cycle, I was pregnant with my daughter. I was also a homemaker. My husband is normally a hands-on dad. With my being pregnant, he was even more hands-on which gave me a lot of time to focus on me and  my learning.

I had also taken a break off social media earlier in the year, so I was more focused. 

 I committed to spending a minimum of 2 hours daily taking the courses. Sometimes, I would multitask by listening to the videos while in the washroom or doing other chores.

5. Did you have any expectations when you signed up to be in the IMMERSE Inner Circle? Were your expectations met or exceeded?

When I signed up to be in the IMMERSE Inner Circle, I was at a point in my life where I was desperate for a change in perspective. I wanted a mind transformation- what I got was mind blowing wisdom applicable to practically every area of my life! My expectations were surely exceeded.

6. Are there significant changes you’ve experienced from the time you joined the Inner Circle till date?

Oh yes! The lens through which I see myself and the world around me has evolved, and it is evident in the feedback I get from my family and friends. I believe I’ve barely scratched the surface. I see myself as a phoenix – reborn from the ashes and I’m truly excited for what’s to come.

7. Were you a member of the Coaching Squad? If yes, did that assist in your learning rate, especially as you operate a different time zone?

No, I wasn’t a member of the Coaching Squad (as much as I would have loved to be part of one). I requested to join one but was told it wasn’t covered for in the course I had paid for. I was basically my own accountability partner.

8. Please can you share your daily routine and productivity hacks with us?

In this season of my life, I am an evening person – my baby is currently going through a sleep regression stage where even though she goes to bed early in the evenings, she wakes up multiple times at night to be nursed. So I’m usually groggy in the mornings.

I also have to show up for work – I’m working from home, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

What I do after work in the evenings is to write out my to-do list for the next day, and to work on my personal development/projects before I go to bed. I try to pace myself too, as I don’t want to get to a place of being overwhelmed. I also take mental breaks when I don’t have pressing issues at work.

9. Which course was your favourite? Why?

There are so many wisdom-filled, life-transforming courses in the IMMERSE Inner Circle. If I were to pick one course though, it  would be The Epic Equilibrium.

 I literally felt like God had me in mind, while DDK was recording that course because she spoke to my spirit. I have replayed it about 3 times and I always get a word per season whenever I do.

10. What practical ways did you apply the knowledge gotten from your courses?

There are so many things to learn in the IMMERSE Inner Circle, and I am always applying them. 

Presently, I’m learning to rest, to avoid burning out. I’m also out every day to meditate – this is part of self-care. 

11. Did you have distractions during your learning time and how were you able to manage them?

I didn’t really have distractions during my learning time.

I was pregnant, not working a corporate job at the time and I had taken a break from social media for my mental health. I also set aside specific chunks of time during the day to get truly immersed in the courses. (See what I did there? 🙂 )

12. Finally, what advice do you have for members of IMMERSE Inner Circle?

Be intentional about your self-development. There is so much wisdom in the IMMERSE Inner Circle and you’ll be cheating yourself if you don’t tap into it.

Tune out the noise, get rid of the clutter and stay plugged in. Your future self will thank you for it. 

Finally, God bless you, DDK. Coming across you & the IMMERSE Inner Circle last year was one of the highlights of my year and I am grateful for the gift that is you. Thank you for obeying God’s call and being a blessing to not just me but to thousands of people out there.

My goal now is to get into your one-on-one coaching as soon as possible. Watch out for me!

Thank you so much for coming onboard, Antoinette.

We are proud of your achievements, and we are certain that you’ve encouraged people in the Inner Circle.

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  1. Gosh! Antoinette is such a breath of fresh air. We had such an amazing time with her on January coaching call. I am glad to be able to put a face to her one-of-a-kind hubby. The world needs more men like him really.

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