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Riding on the Waves of Gratitude

Beloved, The words of one of my favorite authors, Brendon Burchard, ring true today. And I’ve cut out a portion for your reading pleasure: 

“We are exhausted. All around us we see faces that look weathered, drooped, stern. We hear conversations that sound increasingly quiet and resigned, like whispers from a tired, disbanding tribe. The emotional energy of the world is flatlining. Well-being has been cast aside for wealth, success favored over sanity. In the process, some have turned cold toward life, and toward others. Where is the energized, heightened, exhilarated pulse one would expect from such a chosen and capable people? Why do we not hear more laughter and life? Where is the vibrant, mad fury and passion of the fully engaged human? Where are the people burning with charisma and joy and magnetism? Where is the appreciation of life’s spark? We must reexamine our attitude toward life. Our supreme duty must be to rekindle the magic of life. For this, we now declare – WE SHALL PRACTICE JOY AND GRATITUDE.” 

In the last two to three years, I have spent averagely three days every week actively coaching, counseling and mentoring people. And this year I made a stunning discovery; people are less and less satisfied. People are increasingly unhappy. People are more and more displeased with themselves, but not in a way that empowers them to create meaningful and lasting change. 
The more troubling part is this – people don’t even know that they’ve lost their joy, their positivity and their verve! They don’t even know that the emptiness of their souls echoes to me from their words, and even when they smile, the eyes sometimes seem so lost! 

We hide this enormous dissatisfaction under the pursuit of excellence, and we believe it is the noble way to live. A desire to execute goals, see results and create change! And I am all for transformation! If you’ve known me for a while, that would be clear to you. But this is not transformation.

When you ache in huge contempt against your parents because you feel they’ve failed you. This is not transformation. When you lose your peace because your friends’ Instagram following is double yours, even when you believe you’re smarter than him. This is not transformation. When you hop from job to job, without a sense of connection, but desperate to earn enough to prove a point. This is not transformation, when that launch date or business goal becomes an all-consuming passion and you don’t even know how to be present for those you love. 

This is not who we are. This is not how we were wired to live. This is not how we become our future selves. This is not how we were meant to thrive.  You’re an eternal spirit. The earth plane is only a dimension of your expression. You are not a victim of this system. You are hard-wired for dominion. And it is in your DNA, your innate matrix, to flourish. But we flourish only when we operate from our natural habitat. A fish out of water doesn’t need a certification course in “Land Territory Navigation”, it simply needs to be back in water.  
When a fish is out of water, everything else will be stressful. It would be stressful to breathe, to move, to feed, to mingle, to be safe. Everything will be stressful. 

There is a place of the FLOW. It is not perfection, but it is peaceful progression. In the FLOW, you’re in touch with who you truly are, and draw from a deep sense of identity to make decisions that empower you. In the FLOW, you have a sharp compass that reminds you of what truly counts.

Peace comes from building our lives on the basis of our deepest values.  Let’s back off from this noise and return to gratitude for what we have received. Because from gratitude emerges a new lens with which we see the world! Let us be grateful for life, for the little miracles, for the big victories, for the friendships, the love, the challenges, the questions… the things that tried to break us will ultimately make us! 

As you look within and look back, may you see that you’re blessed, and privileged and POSSIBLE. In quietness, may you uncover your strengths. May you receive the kind of wisdom that redirects your life into more joy! May you find a circle of humans who help you through your limps, till you can walk well again. May you heal from the insecurities that keep you under pressure, trying to prove a point, trying to please everyone, or trying to get back at the offender. May you see yourself today, as you really are.

YOU. ARE. Powerful beyond measure. A radically beautiful divine idea. The one who can do amazing things. The one who carries a reservoir of huge potentials. The one who will win. The one who will do well. The one whose destiny cannot be destroyed. 

The heart of my work is to elevate the authentic consciousness of visionaries like you, so that you operate in your highest purpose, with great peace and abundant prosperity. 

I’ve stopped hustling, yet I am growing wealth in multiples of my former wild revenue goals. I am fish in water, and I want to help you find your own habitat too.

I love you and thank you for letting me share my life with you.

Written by DDK  

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