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Saving for a Special Occasion

Hello Tribe!

I hope you’re keeping safe out there and you and your loved ones are well?

The other day, I decided to do a mini “spring clean” of my closet. I do this ever so often. I set aside a few hours, get myself a nice drink and some music and then I pull clothes out of the closet and evaluate each outfit to see if it is still in line with the rules for my wardrobe.

I check first for fit – does it flatter me? How does it sit against my body?

I then check for style – is it still in line with my personal style Principles? 

I also check for relevance – where can I wear it to? Do I still visit those types of places?

I evaluate previous usage – for example, when last did I wear it or how often have I worn it. If something hasn’t made an appearance in a few months, it goes in the “Bless Someone With” Pile!  

Naturally, as the pile grew bigger and bigger, I was tempted to keep some items for a “special occasion”. For certain things that I really loved, I almost convinced myself that there will be sometime in the distant future where I would Be able to wear that outfit to. For some things, I almost convinced myself I was going to work at loosing a bit of weight to keep the outfit.

This got me thinking… Isn’t it funny how we “save things” for a special occasion? We save dresses for some great event that we don’t even know will happen yet; we save words of love and affirmation for the ‘right  time’ in the future; we save the pretty cutlery and dishes at home for a special event or a special guest; we save shoes for a monumental opportunity… We save and save and save for a tomorrow that isn’t assured!

If there is anything that the year 2020 has reinforced, it’s this…

Today is a Special Occasion!

That you are alive and healthy is a special event!

You are a special guest!

Life is a monumental opportunity!

This is the right time!

Live. Every. Minute!

Love. Every. Moment!

I’m by no means advocating irresponsibility but it’s in the little things- squeezing the juice out of every moment you’ve been given and living life to the fullest in a responsible manner that aligns with your personal values.

How do you show up everyday? For me, even while working from home, I get up, do some exercise, spend time in prayer and then a bit of reading. I then put on Some music, have a shower/dance a little, put on some light makeup  and put on one of my beautiful dresses. I occasionally throw on a pair of heels for a few hours. I sometimes crack open a bottle of champagne because it’s the end of another day and my loved ones and I are healthy and that’s cause for great celebration!

I tell those that I love that I love them… Regularly, without hesitation and for no reason at all; because I do love them and there’s no point holding back!!

It’s now super important to me to spend time (and yes, it’s mostly over video calls) with the people I love… To make the time to check in often! To look at their faces, observe their expressions and be still and pay attention without juggling the hundred and one other things vying for my attention.

I express how proud I am of people; I try to be lavish with praise and encouragement because I want people to know they’re doing a great job and to keep on going.

I have a greater sense of urgency to really live life – an enthusiastic, exciting, deliberate, inspiring and authentic life. I now have a keen consciousness that I am laying the blocks everyday to what will one day be known as my legacy!

I’ve seen a number of posts on social media saying how people want a do-over year because 2020 didn’t count… I get the humour but sometimes, we can take that sentiment literally in how we behave; so let me remind you:

2020 is Here; 2020 Counts and 2020 can still be a beautiful year for you!

Darling, my little challenge to you this morning is quite simply this: Make Every Moment Count! Live. Laugh. Love!

I love you!


Written by Nubian Queen

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