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Searching For True Love?

In his arms was where she always wanted to be, wrapped in the bosom of his love and peace. It was satisfaction beyond words. It was the only place she felt whole, the only place she felt alive. Before the ‘beginning of time’, they were always together, constantly having their minds fixed on each other. Nothing else in the world mattered. But a day would come when she would have to leave her true love. The one who her heart and life belonged to, for the sake of destiny. 

In a dark, self-absorbed world, full of strife and greed, she had grown with an ache in her heart for a love that was true, a love that would last forever. She searched for a love that would fill her heart, beyond words that she could describe to any one that found her. She had grown with a certain expectation of constant attention and love. This expectation sometimes made her wonder if her desires were realistic. Because all she saw around her looked nothing like what she longed for.

Since the first day he set his eyes on her, he loved her. The entirety of her imperfections was perfect, in every sense of the word. He had known her long before she knew her name. He loved her with a love that he could not describe with mere words. He could not go a day without wondering if she was thinking about him. He would give his life repeatedly to have her in his arms again. This was his only desire.

She searched for love in dark and desolate places, barely finding a similitude of the kind her heart truly longed for. For every time she thought she had found him, she poured her love out too quickly, and was left empty. The more she searched, the more a hard cover grew around her heart. For all she got in return for her love was deceit, lies and disgrace that left her in shame and regret. Everyone she turned to sought to take advantage of her heart. However, the longings of her heart still beckoned on the one that could truly satisfy her search.

His eyes never left her for a second. His gaze was continually upon her. He was right there everyday, but she never took notice of Him. This made his heart ache, as He watched her search for love and peace in places that did not have any. Before her journey to this world, she had never left his arms. She was always tucked in his arms, safe from harm. But now, He watched her as she searched for only what He could give. 

Worn out and totally depleted, she reclined to her quiet place where she pondered deeply on her life and the love she longed for. Her longings felt legitimate. It came from somewhere far and some place deep, but the world around her had started to harden what remained of her heart. She called out for something or someone to save her where she was, because nothing made sense. Nothing was worth living for any longer. Right there and then, she felt a warmth that she could not deny, a scent that was so familiar, and a voice so soft, yet firm enough to cut through the walls that had grown around her heart… it was Him.

Written by Chisom Ndigwe.

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