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Shake Yourself Loose

Life is a stage filled with diverse casts and crews all unconsciously living life but acting out scripts written by the greatest Writer of all time, God Himself. The big question is “How do you aim for the stars in acting out your part of the script?” You have to put in the work to get into character, memorize your lines and deliver it at an Epic level your role in the MOVIE.

The Irony about life is people do not know their worth and then they settle for less. Your narrative is then defined on the terms of those you have given the power to rule you and there goes the big question, “why do they treat me wrongly?”

You need to sit back and observe from a distance how so easily you gave out the power to lead your life and placed it in the hands of those you see as your “Heroes”. They will treat you the way they feel is best and they might just be right. If they knew better, they would act differently but you have to take back your power because it is solely your responsibility and until you disengage those relationships that do not serve you for the greater good, you will continue to sink. A decision to stay there even though those voices do not speak to your innate needs will ground you.

Shake yourself loose from anything that does not serve you – relationships, habits or traits you have noticed over time that belittle your true identity. Change the narrative and live life on your terms, on the premise of your beliefs which you might have to question as well as you grow because knowledge is progressive. Your level of awareness increases per season as you connect with a higher level of thought and expose yourself to learn and unlearn. 

Do not self-sabotage, hold your head high, disconnect yourself from attachments to things that will keep you bound and remember, you are Royalty.

Keep living the Phenomenal life and stay true to your vision!

written by Eshastake

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