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Silent Treatment is not Peace

Ever been there when someone hurt you knowingly or unknowingly and you decide to clam up on that person. You’re not exactly saying anything to this person in annoyance, you are not pointing out that they hurt you but in your heart, you have just shut down on them.

They come around you with the regular gist and chatter and you toss cold monosyllables at them. This is that arena where you say, “Me I’m not angry o. I just want to keep to myself.” Suddenly you get a chance to talk to someone else about what they did and boom!

You erupt and vent so hard even your adrenaline is shocked at the way the faucet snaps. And how do you wrap it up? “Me, I am not angry. Everybody should just be in their lane.”😂 There! I know someone can relate.

Some time back, my husband did something I didn’t like (dear wives, slide in here 😁) then I switched into the I-am-not- angry-I-just-want-to-mind my-business- mode.(True picture was I was extremely upset 😀).

He would start up a conversation and I’d either keep “pressing” my phone and nodding or just forming some activity. Guess what? He didn’t even know he had done anything wrong! I carried on in this state around the house and kept telling myself I was not angry, and I just wanted to be on my own when suddenly, it was one of those moments when you know that you know that the Spirit of God just spoke to you, He said, “But you forget that I see your heart.”

I froze where I was. Did I really forget that God remains the all seeing and all knowing God? He sees my heart, he knows what’s in it. At that point, I received a heart reset on the matter.

It’s so easy to find ourselves there, and for a moment, we seem to forget that God sees. We give those who hurt us cold treatment and feel it is okay, as long as we are not having a verbal or active war with them.

Truth is, non verbal or passive war still remains war! Passive war is not peace. Silent treatment is not peace. There’s rage in your heart and that’s what God needs you to get rid of.

Don’t slip into the place where you get comfortable with cold wars. We are called to live in peace with all men. If anyone hurts you, let it out, deal with it, and move on with a heart of love.

It’s our own reactions we get to give account of to God, and never the other person’s actions. That’s why we must always watch our reaction to hurt because in the end, it is really between you and God.

In our quest for productivity in 2020, we must keep our hearts unclogged. When love walk and peace are compromised, meaningful progress checks out of the door, and that’s the last thing we need in a year where so much abundance awaits us. One day at a time, we must choose peace and truly choose it.

Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord:

Hebrews 12:14

Written by MeekayWrites

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