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The Merchandise of Wisdom

There is such a thing as the merchandise of Wisdom.

Wisdom is not a thing as to be visibly handled, rather it can be woven into everyday situations and it is what every successful quest thrives upon.

Now, merchandise refers to trading, so to say buying and selling.

Now, I want to be careful here because trading as it is popularly known is not just about giving something in exchange for money. No.

Now, we are speaking of giving value in exchange for value. Succinct! This is separate from money or just buying and selling.

Here’s where I am going, if what is more important is exchanging value for value, do you not think that wisdom is value?

Wisdom is not just the content of your speech or the vocabulary of write-ups.

Wisdom is investing in people. It is going out of your way to meet needs beyond the value of naira credited to your account.

Wisdom leads you on the path where you’ve got no other teacher to instruct you and it shows up on the highway to reward your trust.

Does that look like some sort of merchandise?

Now, let me ask you…

How do you trade with the relationships in your life?

You’ve got a mentor or an older person to guide you, they keep investing in you but do you care about their own welfare or do you throw it all in their face?

You complain about not having genuine friends but are you also a true friend or a gossip ladden cane filled with envy?

See, the merchandise of wisdom is not only about relationships but I am projecting it with this lens.

Someone said, ‘If you are in company of the right people, you will walk the journey of years in days.’

I find this so true…by trading wisdom in your relationships and other aspects, you will earn in return what you cannot afford to pay for. You will gain speed and even respect.

Most of all you’ll reap abundance; what’s the goal of trading anyway?


And I hope this is valuable for you 😊

Written by Aanuoluwapo Adekola.

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