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The Phenomenal Havilah

Meet our EPIC WOMAN for this week, Favour Daniel Havilah. She resides in Abeokuta,Ogun State, Nigeria. She was born on the 13th day of August. According to her, August is one month that is special because she was born in it, that alone makes it special. Interesting!

Favour is a StudEntrepreneur which is a lovely coinage for a person who is both a student and an Enterpreneur. She is passionate about Education and is running her Degree in English Education.

She also runs a fashion Business. This lovely lady is specifically into Fashion designing, She makes bespoke dresses and all female ready to wear designs.

You can reach her through the following means:


Phone number- (08166960437).

IG- _eniobanke_

Favour just launched a book on the 13th of last month titled Phenomenal Birthing and she is presently seeking more platforms to increase it’s reach.

“Phenomenal Birthing is a book birthed by a stirring in my spirit for the female folks as that is my niche, to actually be hands-on about their Spirituality and especially for women who are on their peculiar journey to birthing purpose. The Book is free and can be downloaded at “”. Says Favour Daniel.

She also says “Phenomenal Birthing is a book that spells out clearly the speaking of the Holy Ghost in this end time. The book itself is an alarm and shofar in this season to call us to a place where we can forsake the normal life and embrace the supernatural. The Holy SPIRIT who is the chief Harvester and Engineer in charge of the execution of the Kingdom agenda has given 8 powerful Weapons which in turn have thousands of vistas of light that is suitable to help us embrace the demands of this season and the call of God upon the life of every single woman no matter the sphere. There are awakenings and visitations happening and we must be alert to see what God is saying.

This book is a scroll out of heaven that will give strength to the weak, wake sleeping giants and will give holy contractions to those who have been positioned in this end time army. It is a call for women to birth prophecies written of them before they were formed in their mother’s womb; beckoning on them to come out from the woman who received the prophecy to being the woman who is living out the prophecy. This is beyond a book, it is a timely instruction and there are so many underlying instructions you are going to get individually as you allow your heart to be carried on the rapids of eternity. This book is an induction for many who have carried over Kairos moments and have laid low, there will be contractions and clarity will begin to come to you. There is a great exposure on the warfare any woman who is willing to birth purpose will likely face and profound wisdom on how to tackle common attacks with the potency of the Word and authority of the One who has sent you. Finally, there is a clarion call for women to step into their middle woman gap as intercessors and as peacemakers between the earth and God; a call to follow Anna’s Pace and prophetically pray out the desires of God on earth. As you yield to the stirrings of the Holy Ghost through the pages of this book, you will become a conduit of power!” Sounds powerful!

Havilah is currently in the CREATE 4.7 Coaching Squad. She has a number of favorite courses within the IMMERSE Inner Circle but THE EPIC EQUILIBRIUM has been the best. She claims to love it because it has helped her to balance the multiple demands before her as she transitioned early this year.

As an Inner circle Member, Favour expects just to be better and better.

Do you want to know a fun and interesting fact about Favour?

Well, she loves teasing people and she loves laughing a lot. She does not like parties. I am shy but people don’t know because she covers up with humour. She says she doesn’t have best things because they change per time but she really enjoys Writing.

We hope you had as much fun getting to know this EPIC woman as we did. till next time, see ya!

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