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The year Is As Good As Your Preparation

It’s 2020! I am so excited for yet another year, plus it’s a new decade.


I used to listen to my parents talk about the year 2020 as a little girl, and wonder what the big deal was about the year. It sounded like some distant year that probably might never come before the rapture of the church. 

I remember entering a contest to write a story about life in 2020 and what technological advancements would be on the scene by that year. As far as I was concerned, it had to be a crazy year so my imagination went wild and I wrote about all the weirdest technological tools I could think of.  

Frankly, I didn’t imagine that the year would come so quickly but it did! We are right here in the year 2020! I’m pumped with the usual thrill of a New Year so here’s saying Happy New Year to you!  


So when the excitement cools off with the shrill of your 4:30 am alarm that says the holidays are over (your holidays are probably over by the time you’re reading this), you’d be back at work and the new year didn’t change the face of that boss of yours (a face that might be mostly unfriendly😀). 

You didn’t get an automated  pay raise because a new year had dawned. If you didn’t particularly like your job, January 1st will not rub off your dislike for the job.  

There are so many things that will not just get a magic touch and change automatically, but there are tons of things we can change, influence and steer in the right direction.

Here are some of them:


🎯Doors that God has shut in the old year must stay closed. Do not attempt to reopen them. Dating relationships in particular that didn’t work out last year may tug at your heart and you might want to explain away your concerns and have faith in the myth of the New Year magic and how it will change those red flags. Don’t do it! 

Making the wrong move with heart matters that will lead to the altar is one sure way to sign up for a miserable decade ahead. The newness of the year and the gold you seek lie on your side of that closed door. Leave it that way.


🎯Divine connections God gave you must be cherished and nurtured. There are people who crossed your path in 2019 or in the years before it, people who have brought value your way and are positioned to make you better. Some may be like a pain in your neck because they drive and push you away from your comfort zone. 

If you’d be honest, you’ll attest that they are actually steering you to the ideal life of your dreams.  Don’t be quick to switch off from them and seek new ones just because it’s a new year. Keep at them and nurture them.


🎯Divine disconnections in your career and business should stay disconnected. Trust God because He knows who knows who should stay in your life and who should go. Those who had to go were not necessarily bad people, but like a movie, their role was done and things had to move on to the next scene.


🎯If you were reading a book last year and didn’t finish it, don’t dump it! Pick it up and keep going. The New Year doesn’t always mean starting everything afresh. An incomplete Bible study challenge? Keep it going. 

Don’t beat yourself up to the point where your hands are so bound by guilt that you’re unable to pick up from where you stopped. Look around your life and you will find one person who will be glad to be your accountability partner on this journey of growth. 

In all that we do, sitting idly and waiting for the year to deliver magic to us is one thing that we must not do.

Day one is done already and day two is ticking away at the time of writing this, what have you written on these pages of the year so far? To have a 2020 story worth reading in December, we must get up, get going and purposefully fill up the pages that this year will daily flip open before us.


Written by Meekay Writes

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