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This Thing Called Purpose

Hi there, its your girl Esha once more. This time, I come with a twist.


Its a story of my personal journey to clarity which I have been on for a while. It started two years ago with this feeling of discontent and the hunger for more, to do more and be more.

The hunger to reach out and save the world with my talents. Life and its endless possibilities can be likened to an ocean which literally has no end.


This means I can tap into that knowledge and access all that I need for my growth, and journey of discovery. So true, life’s resources cannot be numbered but hey! this is exactly what cripples a lot of people.


In the past, I was not exempted from this category either because the reality of the abundance of resources out there to be harnessed preceded the deep thoughts and an endless contemplation on what needs my laser focus or the niche that best speaks to my innate gifts.


The Bible say in Proverbs that a mans gift makes room for him so he can stand before Kings and Royals. How does he find that gift? Has always been the big question; what makes him visible to Authority?


The question of clarity comes to play, and then the quest and search for what makes me unique. Up until now, I never understood that to gain clarity, you just need to do this one thing.


I guess you are asking what this one thing is right?


It is this simple principle: keep doing what you are already working at right now, right where you are.  If you say you are not doing anything, then find something to engage yourself with.  Volunteer for a project, work for a Mentor, Coach or someone you look up to. This allows you to discover yourself while at it.


You belong to a kingdom that has called you an Ambassador. They send you memos per time based on the agenda of the kingdom. You cannot know exactly what it is you are meant to do while on earth from the beginning, in its complete form.


Clarity of Purpose comes while you are in the place of your assignment so you must be well positioned to receive that mandate form heaven per time. These questions are vital:


Do you seek clarity of purpose? Yes.


Have you found it? If no, how do you know what exactly it is?



You can never know from the beginning, but if you do this one thing I can guarantee that you will find it. You must bear in mind that you can never have a full picture from the onset.



It unfolds as you execute your assignments judiciously. Start with that which is in your hand, and run with it.



Stay Faithful, stay hungry, stay vigilant to receive from the Kingdom which you represent here on earth.  This answers the big question on Purpose.





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