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‘Tis the Season of Good Cheer

It was Sade Adu that sang in one of her hit songs (Sweetest Taboo) that ‘’…Every day is Christmas and every night is new year’s eve’’. Listening to those lines while growing up, it registered in my mind that we all kind of want every day to be Christmas: special, joyous, filled with warmth, love, laughter, gifts and connection with loved ones. 

These are the features that make Christmas unique. And really, with some level of intentionality, everyday can actually be Christmas! All the good vibes we feel and the love we show others in December can characterise our daily lives for the first eleven months of the year. 

My beloved author and marriage coach, Jackie Kendall echoed these same truths in her recent newsletter. The lines below are an excerpt from that ministry letter:  

As I began to decorate our ‘little nest’ for the holiday season, I found myself thinking about all the aspects of Christmas I love and realized that most of the things we love about Christmas are things that do not have to be isolated to Christmas. One does not need to have an excuse to give a gift to someone to cheer their heart. One does not need Christmas to cook a delicious meal or dessert for someone who needs some cheering up. One does not need Christmas to write a loving card to someone. One does not need Christmas to give money to someone in need. How awesome to consider that as lovers of Jesus, our lives should be daily adorned/decorated with good works towards those around us.  

So true! This ought to be the daily practice of the believer. We are God’s workmanship; recreated in Christ Jesus unto good works which God has ordained that we should walk in them (Ephesians 2:10). 

In a few more days, the festivities will be gone, but by showing love to our neighbours, by going out of our way to be a blessing to someone in need, we keep the spirit of Christmas alive, all year long. 

Cheers to making Jesus the joy of every season! 

Written by Theodora

Merry Christmas. 

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