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Trail Your Truth

The most profound ‘good’ you can do for you, is to be true to yourself.

At some point in everyone’s life, there is this pressure to project the perfect image.

We want to say only smart things.

We want to be applauded, and to be the center of attention.

We only want to engage in activities that prompt validation from other people. 

We want to be the rich one.

Sadly, this perfect image is the contrast of reality. And when we constantly strive to renew this image, we put our ‘true selves’ in jeopardy, and gradually lose our essence.

It is the start of a new year, and you should be asking the following questions:

Who’s opinion about my life truly matters?

Where should I be getting the template of a purposeful life from?

Is it worth it, to lose myself in this struggle for validation from others? (People who also, most of the time, are uncertain as I am).

It is important that you ask these questions. Because authenticity to one’s self is important.

Authenticity means that you’re open to growth and developing yourself. It is living out the potentials given to you by God. It is preserving the integrity of your soul. 

Decide to trail your truth today. It is the spark that will help you shine and win at life. 

Written by Aanuoluwapo Adekola

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