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When the year is no longer new…Staying focused on your goals from January to December.

We are already two months into the much-awaited year 2021. The New Year is no longer so new and I wonder if the euphoria that comes with every January 1st is still with many of us.

Did you make New Year resolutions/goals? If your answer is ‘’Yes’’, how have you fared so far? Are you still pumped up, daily pursuing those goals with gusto, or has the new-year sensation worn off for you and you are back at default, coasting-along mode?

If you are still fired up and rearing to go on your new year goals, I’m happy for you; if you are not, take heart, you are not alone.

To keep from slipping back into a state of lethargy, I’ve discovered some things we can do to stay focused on our goals and achieve them, long after early January’s adrenaline rush has diminished.

Break those goals down and write them out
Big goals may look impressive, but they can also be overwhelming and get us discouraged even before we start pursuing them. It’s always better to break goals down into small, measurable, achievable bits (remember the S.M.A.R.T principle).

For instance, if your New Year goal is to lose 12kg by June 30th, come up with daily or weekly exercise routines and meal plans that would help you shed the weight gradually. The same principle can be applied to achieving money goals or any other goal for that matter.

As you break your goals into small, concrete steps to be taken, remember to write it all down. I’ve discovered that a daily to-do list does wonders to my productivity. It feels so good at the end of each day (or even as the day unfolds) to be able to tick off the tasks I have been able to attend to. You may have great goals all mapped out in your head, chances are if they are not written down and looked at regularly, you may not be able to keep track of your progress.

Have regular reviews
Have you ever wondered why organizations have periodic meetings, regular report renditions, review sessions and appraisals?

They do all that to constantly measure alignment (with their vision) and achievement of set goals. We need to do the same thing in our personal lives if we really want to achieve what we say we want to achieve. On a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis, hold a mini-retreat/review session with yourself and examine your goal-achievement journey.

I believe this exercise is beneficial as it will regularly show us where we want to go, the steps we’ve taken so far to get there and the ground we still need to cover.

Accountability helps
Share your dreams and goals with fire-lighters, people you consider Iron who can help sharpen your focus, challenge you and encourage you to keep going when you get tired.

Remember that the company you keep matters a lot. The people you surround yourself with can either foster your progress or influence you to settle for mediocrity.

Always choose your inner circle wisely.
To be continued…
Written by Theodora

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