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When Your Best Is Not Good Enough For Him

Many years ago, I gave my best but my best wasn’t good enough!

C’omon! My heart was filled with love and I genuinely gave it out. The issue however was that I kept pouring it out without receiving anything back. My best efforts only met with resistance.

Was it those times when I’d save up to make calls as a student when it was 50 naira per minute without getting a second call back? But I kept moving on foolishly in love.

See, fake guys don’t recognize good ladies!
No matter how good you are, you can never be good enough for a guy that is not only lacking focus on what he truly wants but also a guy that is not ready for the true work called… relationship.

Sometimes, ladies need to understand that relationship fallouts isn’t about them. I’ve seen ladies cry and beat themselves up, thinking there’s something wrong with them that makes it difficult to have and sustain a good relationship.

See… I’m sorry to say, but things will get worse. So be prepared! Things will get worse in the sense that good values, intentions and motivations in our days are rare!

Men and women alike have become more sensual in their quest for love! There’s a heavy focus on the body, sex and money. Once these things can’t be provided, issues will arise in the relationship, and when these things are what the relationship is focused on, there’s a high likelihood of a stormy marriage that might eventually end up in divorce!

So what’s the game plan?

Develop you.
Be you.
Set clear values and standards you want to stake your life on, Ingredients that can sustain a marriage which is what you should have in view.

A lot might make you doubt your stand BUT always remember that it might not be about you when you face rejection.

The guy with the sense amongst the crowd will always recognise and stake his life decision of a life partner on the lady that has sense!

Sense of purpose.
Sense to know the difference between relationship blues and relationship purpose.

Written by Coach Tariah

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