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Faith That Produces Results

“I believe God will do it.”
“I’m looking unto God.”
“I’m trusting the Lord.”

The above statements which apparently have the same meaning are some of the words we say when we have expectations and needs. It’s one thing to make such faith-filled declarations. And it’s another to know within your heart of hearts that your statements are not just empty words. I mean—since everyone is speaking Christianese, why will you speak otherwise? So you think. Your faith in God isn’t just defined by your words. This is because your walk and work with God validates your belief in Him.

The Irresponsible Faith
Your faith in God is not a license for you to be irresponsible. (Kindly take a cup of chilled water if my previous sentence came at you). A Teacher of mine often says, “Any faith that makes God ‘absolutely responsible for the outcome of your life is an irresponsible faith.” That couldn’t be truer. Some of us are great at talking faith-talks but not doing faith-works. Friend, in the school of faith, talk is cheap. Work is the real deal. What is the use of your belief if they are not backed up with corresponding actions?
Although actions are needed for our faith in God to produce tangible results, wrong actions will produce little or no results.

Let’s use imaginary Gabriel as our example. Gabriel was trained to be an Engineer in the Tertiary Institution and he is currently in need of a job. He’s 29 and lives with his parents. He wakes up at 10 AM almost every morning because he binges on video games the nights before. At 4 PM-ish almost everyday, Gabriel hits the streets for Church evangelism as he believes that through doing God’s work, his desired testimony will not elude him. He thinks since God did it for Evans, God will do it for him. The question is – do what for him? Cure him of his laziness and irresponsibility? Or miraculously cause a high paying engineering job to fall on his laps?

Have you ever drunk Cassava flakes (Garri) that had quite a bit of sand in it or a sumptuous plate of rice and beans that had tiny stones as its recipe unbeknownst to you? How annoyingly uncomfortable are those to eat? If Gabriel’s story was a plate of food, they’d sure have stones in it. His evangelism is not enough if he doesn’t couple them with other works. Truth is – his preaching to people about Jesus could be a Trade by Barter deal he subtly made with God.

“God, I’ll preach every Monday to Friday for 1 month. In Exchange for that, you’ll give me a high paying job.” Some of us act like Gabriel when it comes to our motives behind serving God. It’s more outcome motivated than it is love motivated.

“Study this Book of Instruction continually. Meditate on it day and
night so you will be sure to obey everything written in it. Only then
will you prosper and succeed in all you do.”

Joshua 1:8 New International Version, emphasized

One might read the above scripture and think to herself, “Rules, rules and more rules.” Please, do not let that be you. Rules are given for our own good – to keep us far from harm’s way. Remember God’s one rule to Adam? You remember the consequence of Adam and Eve’s disobedience? Actually, you do not need to remember what we currently experience. God highlighted Joshua 1:8 to me and showed me why a lot of Christians are not having their expectations met.

God’s Prescription For Getting Your Faith To Work

  1. Study the Book of Instructions Continually: Rather than study God’s word continually, many of us study our Bibles conditionally or seasonally. If the only time you study your bible is when you need a solution to a challenge, you are using God. And you and I know that God is the ‘wrongest’ one to use. You can do it to a mortal man and remain unnoticed (for a while). Not God. Even when your actions were merely an intention, He was well aware of what was brooding in your mind. Let us not use God. Rather, let us love Him. And how will our love for God be validated if we do not love His Word? What you love, you naturally give attention to.
  1. Meditate on it day and night: Many of us meditate on our current conditions far more than we meditate on the Word. There is a need for us to be careful about what we meditate on, because what we meditate on, we become. Your situations won’t last forever but God’s Word will. Set your gaze on God’s Word day and night, not Sunday
    mornings only. Mutter it to yourself. Say it under your breath. Chant it until you become one with it, until it penetrates into your spirit. Stop spending more time on news than you do on the word. Stop spending your entire time on social media and keeping your meditation at the backburner. Remember, what you meditate on is what you will eventually become.
  2. Be sure to obey everything: …because selective obedience to God is disobedience. And so is delayed obedience. Truth is – obeying God fully is man’s greatest challenge. It was Adam and Eve’s challenge. And it’s also ours. How then can we obey God’s Word? Through the help of the Holy Spirit. Still, the Holy Spirit will not force Himself on us. If
    men like Joseph and Daniel stood for God in the midst of gross corruption, you and I ought to find it easier to stand strong because we have the Holy Spirit residing in us. They did not. It is needful to note that only a circumcised and yielded heart can obey God. Only a heart that yearns more of God can please God. Nevertheless, what we find
    very rampant in the body of Christ is more and Christians who want their desires met. God is their secondary priority. They might not necessarily verbally express it. But their actions confirm it. You can’t live life on your terms and expect life to work just the way you want it. Your selective study, meditation and practice of God’s Word is what has brought the results you currently see.
    When you wholly lean on God with your thoughts, words and actions, the results will be glaring for all to see. This is because our God never leads backwards, neither does He lead wrong. If He said the path of a righteous man is only permitted to shine brighter, be rest assured that you have His Word.

The Result of Doing God’s Word
The result is “then you will prosper and succeed in all you do” God didn’t say you will succeed in some of the things. He said ALL. GBOGBO. OBULA. TOUS. CADA. HVER. I had to write those translations of the word “ALL” so it will sink. You cannot serve God and do His word and end up
mocked in this world.

Let’s resolve with the help of the Holy Spirit to get back to our first Love. Let’s begin to seek God’s kingdom first, not for what we stand to gain, but for love sake. If who you desperately seek is God, and the knowledge of His word, you will find Him and every other thing you will ever need.
Keep growing in God. We are in this Christian race together. I’m cheering you on, with love.

written by Raluchukwu Ashley Ekwedike

Blogger at

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