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You Are A child of Your Habits!

In my premium program, Unbundling 2020 Coaching Bootcamp, Module Five is called the Manifestation Map, and it fascinates me a great deal because it basically offers the hack for a life of manifestations. I teach in detail the five pillars in an interconnected compass, that leads you into a Life of Manifestation. You know why? Because it is not merely receiving a prophecy, vision, or dream that really leads you to real change, and outcomes in your life.  

This is why there are many people who are frustrated about their lives, and feel like God has failed them or he hasn’t been true to His promises. But you see, there is a linked set of events that must begin to happen in your life for your change to manifest. 

One of it is the third pillar called Systems. Like the powerful quote I’ve come to love so much “we don’t rise to the level of our vision, we fall to the level of our systems.” A simple way to think of your systems, are the habits in your life.  We are all children of our habits. The way you think, speak, behave and organize your life in repetitive fashion is the true definer of who you are, regardless what you know, what you read or what you desire.

So if I look at your daily practices, and habitual behaviour, I don’t need a prophet to predict your future. If you don’t change, nothing will. Even with joining the IMMERSE Inner Circle, you’d find that everyone will get different results. If you make a habit of daily consuming just 15 minutes of content on the learning platform till October 2020 when the quarter ends, you would have been able to shift your thinking in a definite and concrete manner, as well as step into automaticity with a new habit. 

Automaticity /ˌɔːtəməˈtɪsɪti/ is the ability to do things without occupying the mind with the low-level details required, allowing it to become an automatic response pattern or habit. It is usually the result of learning, repetition, and practice. 

Here’s the deal, until your goals are broken down into daily and weekly routines, you’d limit how far you can reach. Until your parenting and family vision are broken down into weekly learning activities and prayer schedules for your children, everything will still be a dream in your head. Until your team members own the work so much, they can craft work plans and reporting templates for their own roles, you’d be the CEO who has the headache for everyone. Until your ideal marriage begins to show in consistent date nights, monthly check-in conversations, weekly prayers, book reading goals etc…whatever works for you, nothing much will change. Do you see?

The way we change our lives, is by changing our daily realities. Close that gap between the woman you want to be and the things that you actually do consistently. It is not enough to desire a certain body size and even buy that red dress to reward myself when it happens. I need to set the alarm for when I’d go to bed, so I can wake up when I should. I need to keep my workout clothes and shoes by the bedside, and set myself up to exercise consistently. I need to get the app that tracks my eating and weight journey. Or even print out my food log, and tick off daily. Whatever works for you. But find what works for you. Don’t live as the day comes. Intentionality is at the heart of becoming a visionary. Step back from the fast pace, and start all over again. One of man’s greatest powers is the power of recalibration.

Tune yourself, tune your heart, tune your life and tune your relationships to the frequency of authenticity, purpose and truth. Become truly aligned to the person you prefer to be, the life you prefer to live and the goals you prefer to achieve. You’re that powerful! Use your habits as building blocks for the future God has put in your heart. Don’t waste your vision because you lack a system. Build a system to achieve your vision!

Written by DDK

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