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You Survived 2019

You survived your own ignorance and self-doubt. 

You survived your own indiscipline.

You survived that health scare.

You survived that betrayal and slander.

You survived that loss of a friend, a close relative, a relationship that gave you access to information, resources and opportunities.

In 2018, I survived the curve ball life threw at me. Everything that mattered to me was endangered by external factors and my own ignorance.

I watched and waited (in tears, pain, praise and faith) for the dust to settle before starting again. 

Through the twirling dust, I realized what mattered most; I, Me and Myself. Then, I focused on me.

Then, came providence, leading me to the place (country) that had long been prepared for me. In 2019, the waters did overflow again but I had been fortified with Wisdom and I knew just what to do, how to do it and when to do it.


Now thrive in 2020! 

Stop Bleeding!!! Be accountable for yourself ONLY:

Ingrain all the life lessons from 2019 in a kind manner.

And lastly, don’t believe the fib that everything you knew before now was not appropriate for your growth. What you really need is to learn how to “wisely” apply the right principles you have always known and continue to increase in knowledge.

Wisdom is simply doing the right thing at the right time/place in the right manner with the right person(s) as the situation and context requires. 

You have always been a smart and intelligent soul. Now be wise!

Follow the ever wise one: Jah Elo! Allow wise human interactions, podcast, books and other materials activate your own wisdom. 

With wisdom you will thrive in 2020!


Written by Radiante

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