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Your Mind, The Master Weaver

I never understood how powerful our associations influenced us without our permission, until I recently began to be more introspective. 

Your daily experiences, associations and habits cumulatively get absorbed by your mind. And it is weaving a bigger picture for you regardless of your consciousness, either for good or bad.

That’s how powerful your mind is.

Soon enough, when the picture is fully formed, you begin to see yourself act a certain way, say certain things or accept ideologies that were once alien to you.

At this point, the picture has been fully formed and your mind has interpreted it. So you begin to act on it subconsciously just like a script. 

There is an adage in the Yoruba Language that’s translated “What you do not want, don’t smell it”. This could not have been written in a more excellent way.

The tiny foxes are the big foxes so never despise those tiny (bad) habits.

For example, being a part of associations that are not in sync with your value; staying in circles that believe in causes you frown at. Or, feeding your mind with information that is not adding to your growth, and many more. 

Nothing big ever starts big. It begins with the little but consistent actions that you might feel would not hurt. Gradually, you stay there long enough to the point you no longer have control over it.

At this point, your conscious mind has decided to push it into the subconscious. So, it is automated, and does not have to think about the process of execution before ‘doing.’

This is how powerful your mind is.

The scary part is that it does not really know the difference between those habits that impact you positively or negatively.  

The big question then is, how can this be controlled?

You can begin to intentionally set yourself up to succeed with your habits, associations and relationships. This is so that you can harness its power for your good.

Never underestimate the power of habits because this is the gatekeeper which will stop you and literally stand in your way when you want to do great things.

It takes effort and discipline consistently to get to that point where you really create the structured life that you desire.

Stay long enough and see yourself living that life you once thought was an impossibility.

Stay intentioned long enough for the changes to take effect.

Give yourself permission to unweave, unlearn and relearn. It will compound soon enough and you will begin to see changes in your life as you immerse more in the new life you want. 

The world we live in today is so distracted. It seeks to push you off track subtly so you do not see the bigger picture, its dangers and negative effects overtime.

The principle of compounding will always take its course somehow when you pay little attention.

Do not live oblivious of this. Take control today and begin to weave that picture you desire intentionally. You are worth giving life your best shot on your terms, and not based on what is thrown at you. 

Until next time, I remain your girl Esha. Keep being phenomenal and authentic. The world is a better place because you are in it.


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