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I am too short , I am too tall
I am fat, I am really thin
I am so dark, I am too fair
My face is not fine enough
My nose is too big, my nose is too small
My lips are big, my lips are super small .
My legs are not straight
I need a better shape. I don’t like this shape.
I wish I can look like this person.
I wish I had straight legs
This person looks better than me etc

I guess we are all familiar with these phases because we have all been there at one point or the
other. I use to worry so much about my height while I was growing(still growing sha) and I
always wished I could grow taller but I have learnt to embrace the cutie that I am.(yes I am
cute). We compare ourselves with what we see on social media and that could lead to
insecuirity and low self esteem. I remembered when I was trying to lose weight and one of my
colleagues at work was out to gain weight on her own part…lol.Girl, embrace that imperfection
and celebrate it because it is perfect in God’s sight. James 1; 17 says every good gift and every
perfect gift is from above. You are a perfect gift from God.

Firstly, always remember that God created man in his own image (Genesis 1;27) ,so you are the
direct image of the other. You are who he is. When those insecurities come, remember you are
the split image of the father. He made you that way because that is who he is. We see
imperfections because we judge ourselves by the world”s standard.

Surround yourself with positive-there are certain people that chose to identify our physical
flaws in that sense and taunt us with them. Move away from those kind of people. Surround
yourself with people who celebrate you always. Please stay away from negative energy.
Celebrate yourself-No one is going to ever hype you like you will hype yourself .You need to
hear me hype myself at times. Say good things about yourself to yourself.

There is never going to be anyone like you. You are so unique. You are one of a kind created in
his image. Stay beautiful!!

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