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Lessons I Learnt From Elizabeth and Mary’s Relationship

I gleaned some important lessons from Elizabeth and Mary’s relationship in the Bible. This relationship was mutually beneficial to both women. So, it’s important that we understand the kind of relationships we keep in our lives, the ones we truly need. This is why I want us to examine Mary and Elizabeth’s relationship. We can use it as a template to access the kind of relationship we need and make necessary adjustments where needed.

One key thing about this relationship was the mutual honour and respect these women had for each other. Our society has made us disrespect certain relationships in our lives. As a result, we have taken certain things lightly, been too familiar with the anointing and the call of God upon the lives of others. 

Although, Mary and Elizabeth were biological cousins, yet they were  spiritually intelligent according to the events that unfolded in the book of Luke, chapter 1. These events made me believe that being a member of a biological family doesn’t mean one cannot receive spiritual insights, wisdom and the counsel of God from another member of the same biological family. 

Many of us have jettisoned instructions and spiritual counsel given to us by a member of our biological family because of familiarity. We would rather receive counsel from a stranger, than receive counsel from a cousin. The fact that you know the history of your biological sister does not mean God cannot use her to bless you. This, however, does not mean that God will only use your relatives. Of course, I believe many of us have been blessed by those that are not blood related to us. 

But regardless of the age gap between these women, they had a mutual love and respect for each other. The love between Elizabeth and Mary was very evident. Elizabeth was obviously older than Mary, but she wasn’t thinking thoughts like, “How will my younger cousin birth the Lord? Why did God choose her over me? Why should my own son herald the coming of her son? Why was my son not pronounced as Lord?” She wasn’t driven by feelings and her  sense realm. 

She was so spiritually inclined that she couldn’t entertain such thoughts. She was selfless in her relationship with her cousin. There was no sense of inferiority, jealousy or selfishness. She knew what she was to carry and she loved and appreciated her own son that way. She wasn’t in any way comparing her son’s destiny with that of her cousin’s. 

It’s quite important to be discerning and not be in a competitive chase of whose purpose is greater. It’s important that you don’t allow the purpose of another affect yours. We are all different parts of the body, yet we are fitly joined together as one, and we need one another. 

Are you an Elizabeth? Then guard your heart jealously and be discerning. Don’t be intimidated by the dreams of your Mary. We see that she was a woman of love and great understanding. Every Mary needs an Elizabeth. For you, Mary! You need to associate with the right and sound company; a company of women who would help you birth your own miracles, birth your vision and dreams.

You need women that will not be intimidated by your own level of success, but will be willing to hold you by the hand and show you the way. Women who will, like Elizabeth, encourage you, pray with you, rejoice with you and declare God’s word with and to you. These are not women who would be threatened by your level of achievement and accomplishment or who would see the greatness of your dreams and and speak discouragement to you. 

Elizabeth and Mary stayed together for 3 months; praying, prophesying and rejoicing in the Lord. This showed a company of people of faith, prayer and the word. Mary had a confirmation of what God had told her again from Elizabeth. Note here that she wasn’t being told by Elizabeth for the first time. She had been told by the Lord already. Elizabeth only confirmed it, and this helped her believe indeed. 

Also, Elizabeth received a word for Mary, declaring the counsel of the Lord to her. Your Elizabeth will launch you forth into the fulfillment of your destiny. Yes! God has spoken, but there has to be a manifestation of what He has said. The right company will help you hasten the manifestation of God’s spoken word over your life.

Mary, where is your own Elizabeth? You have been told about that vision from the Lord. Ask the Lord who your Elizabeth is. How do you do this? Pray! Pray to God and He will answer you. Remember, when Mary asked the angel, “How shall these things be?” She was then told about Elizabeth because their purpose was in alignment. They needed each other.

Notice that she wasn’t even told to go meet Elizabeth directly, but she was discerning enough to arise and meet up with the woman who will propel her into the actualization of her dreams. Scriptures say she went in haste to see her. So, God will always speak to you if you choose to always ask Him.  Find your own Elizabeth today, meet up with her and you will be glad you did.

Written by Olabisi O.

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