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Two Uncommon Things You Need To Consider to Achieve Family, Career and Life balance

In our current, fast-paced world where everything runs at the speed of light, the need for family, career and life balance becomes insanely obvious. And you know what becomes even more obvious? The Overwhelm!

How can women rise to the top in their sphere of influence, occupy top management positions in their corporate career, have it all together, and be happy literally?

Here is your answer.

The key to experiencing this balance, and an antidote to all the worries career women face is INTEGRATION.

In life there is no balance. You have to find the most important thing that you do, and organize other activities around it or delegate. Structure your life systems based on the season you are in life. You cannot have it all.

For example, when I was married without a baby, I could go to church, attend all programs, have board meetings and all.

Now I have a baby. The season has changed and so must my systems. So to integrate, I must consider the most vital tasks (baby, career, work, self-care) and infuse all these in my routine (integrate), and career or course.

Any other thing outside this has to be thought of carefully before I venture into it else it will create room for burnout.

Integration speaks to focusing on the Minimum Viable Activities (MVA’s) and delegating the rest. This is vital for the balance you desire in life.

What price are you willing to pay for your happiness/sanity? What are you willing to trade for some inner peace? Take a decision on this, and be deliberate on its execution which helps other aspects of your life blend seamlessly or integrate adequately.

Can you now see the connection between integration and seasons?

Now, integrations are not set in stone. Your integration depends on your current season.

So understanding this principle, and the timing of your life allows you prepare adequately for the future so you are always ready for life’s moments when they come. And they will definitely come hence, your response must be that which births positivity regardless.

So, the next time you think work life balance, think Integration and when certain circumstances happen or life throws you curve balls, know the road stretches out after the bend, meaning that no season is permanent.

Thank you for having me. Until next time, I remain your girl

Written by Eshastake.

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