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God and Spirituality

My eyes were on the clock as I darted around the house from one after-school hours’ task to another. Thrown in the middle of my

It’s another Saturday again… If you don’t usually dream of meeting your prince charming, Saturdays, social media and weddings will force you to. While for

In his arms was where she always wanted to be, wrapped in the bosom of his love and peace. It was satisfaction beyond words. It

Hello Hello, How is your day going? Today I want to talk about prayer. Have you ever had moments that deep down you know you

It’s beautiful to know that even with letting down our hair and unwinding, we can be intentional and come away from those moments of rest

We desire change many times but when it begins to unfurl, our hearts dip or break into a frenzied beat as the new and unknown

As women, we often dream of the day we meet our Prince charming and live happily ever after together. Some of us have experienced the

“I believe God will do it.”“I’m looking unto God.”“I’m trusting the Lord.” The above statements which apparently have the same meaning are some of the

I first read about Brother Lawrence in my late teens. A seventeenth century French monk, Brother Lawrence mastered the priceless art of involving God in

The goodness of God is not confined to what you have or don’t have. It is independent of the prayers he answered or did not

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