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Friendships are like the array of shoes on your shoe rack. Okay, I understand that everyone doesn’t have an array of them but I’m sure

I had a particular task I was to execute and I kept making excuses; Until one fateful morning, I literally had a mind-block and when

In my 6 years of counseling and coaching single men and women, some of the common phrases I hear during and after a heartbreak include:

Hey Sister Girl, Wait a minute before you cut them all off! In today’s parlance, “to cut off” means to sever, to do away with,

During my diploma days, one of the courses I studied was conflict management and resolution. It was majorly about disputes within the workplace, and organisations

I heard a lady shouting “give me my phone” repeatedly just outside my compound. She seemed to be struggling and crying. On getting outside, I

Many years ago, I gave my best but my best wasn’t good enough! C’omon! My heart was filled with love and I genuinely gave it

I’ve not seen a marriage where couples don’t disagree except one of them is either a zombie or a robot. If you have seen one,

In our minds, there is a subtle glass ceiling we unconsciously place over our peers or friends. We get to the place where we judge

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